About us

Our aim is to make sure Derby stays a safe city, one where people live together, respect each other and have a shared vision for their neighbourhood and city.

Our priorities

• Alcohol related harm
• Sexual abuse and exploitation
• Gangs and delinquent peer groups
• Anti-Social Behaviour
• Community confidence
• Domestic violence
• Violent crime
• Vulnerable adults, victims and witnesses
• Violent extremism
• Community cohesion
• High risk neighbourhoods
• Drug related harm
• High risk offenders
• Acquisitive crime

Local people and all our other data tells us that we need to continue to focus on both preventing the problems, and intervening effectively when they occur.

In order to tackle these problems, we will focus on:
• Working with people who are causing problems
• Supporting people who are feeling unsafe and are victims or witnesses
Working on places that are experiencing problems or are at risk of experiencing problems.