Alcohol and Drugs

Problematic drug and alcohol misuse can cause  considerable harm to the individual, the family, the local community and  society as a whole. It has long since been recognised that there is a link  between substance misuse, anti-social behaviour and criminal behaviour  particularly acquisitive and violent crimes such as burglary, robbery and city-centre  assaults.

In order to create a safe, sensible and  social drug-free environment and minimise drug and alcohol misuse the Substance  Misuse Team here at Derby Community Safety Partnership has a number of key objectives:

      • The education of young people to prevent them from becoming problematic drug or  alcohol users.
      • A reduction in the supply of illegal drugs in the city.
      • A reduction in drug and alcohol related crime and its overall impact on  communities.
      • Providing  effective treatment and harm minimisation programmes for drug and alcohol users  ensuring they leave treatment drug free or with an appropriate relationship  with alcohol.

In order to reduce harm caused by drug and alcohol misuse in Derby, we have number of strategies in place.

    • Drug treatment servicesin Derby are recognised nationally as being very effective. In 2008/09 nearly 1500 individuals received treatment, and developments are underway to further improve our treatment facilities to face the new challenges of achieving a greater number of people leaving treatment drug free, re-engaging in employment and contributing positively to the local community.The Bradshaw Clinic is a specialist drug treatment service which offers substitute prescribing, harm reduction services (such as a needle syringe programme) and key work support is delivered by Phoenix Futures.
    • The Drugs Intervention Programme supports Class A drug users who are in the criminal justice system by helping them to access housing, treatment, education, training and benefits.
    • We work with partner agencies such as the police to reduce the supply of illegal drugs. We similarly aim increase to the local community’s confidence around substance misuse through the use of Anti social behaviour orders and dispersal orders for on street drinking
    • We will work with schools and the Primary Care Trust as well as other partners to deter young people from misusing drugs and alcohol and to make sure that those who have problems get the help they need from commissioned service providers such as Young Addaction (link to
    • Harm minimisation services, such as pharmacy services and needle syringe programmes, will be reviewed to make sure they are consistent, effective and safe for all
    • Alcohol treatment services are being redesigned and re-commissioned to be at full capacity and running from June 2010.

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